Day 10

Challenge: Try the abecedarian form. No compulsion to get to Z.

And so, as I was saying earlier,

beautiful things can happen if you just
change your thinking. I mean, if you get
down all the time and catastrophize then
everything will crash and burn, but if you
fight against that sort of pessimism, 
get out of the house now and again, you’ll
have a better time overall. From the look you
just gave me I can tell you’re still on the
kvetch train. See, that’s what I’m talking about, it’s
like you’re in love with your pain. Keep that up,
Ms. Masochism, and soon you’ll be totally alone,
no one will have anything to do with you. So
open your eyes, dear, and smell the coffee,
paint a smile on that pretty face, ditch those
queer clothes, get your nose out of those books, 
recognize that life is short, and what you make of it, 
seize the reins and turn it around, don’t play
tragic Ophelia. Look at me, I could have gone
underground a long time ago but, no, I
very much made myself available, I
went to great lengths to say yes -- even my many
exes remain faithful. And when I die, you’ll see,
you’ll miss all this excellent advice, you’ll 
zero in on what’s important when it’s too late.

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