Day 29

Challenge: Enumerate today’s complaints.

Today’s Complaints:

First, I feel like a snot sandwich. 
It’s possible that I’m allergic 
to everything, but especially to 
this house. (“A booger box,” Dad
would have said.)

Second, I hate cleaning it.
What a waste of time and 
energy (which is in short supply.)
It just gets dirty again, because 
we insist on living in it.

Third, my back hurts, 
as it always does.
My back and, of course, 
my butt. Yes, I am an eternal
pain in the ass. 

Fourth, it’s Friday and 
I don’t want to go to work. 
Don’t get me wrong — I love 
the classroom, I love students and 
the curiosity bubbling just under the surface
of their fake disdain, I love the crackle
they create around writing and literature — 
but today I just want to disappear 
into a show hole and knit another
ugly blanket. 

Fifth, the dog just unleashed 
an epic fart 
right under my feet 
and now I’m a bit dizzy (but hey
at least it’s cutting through my
hay fever daze). 

Finally, I have no idea how
to end this poem, 
which seems to be a metaphor
for something deeper and 
more significant 
that I am too tired, lazy and itchy
to investigate.

The dog has her own complaints.

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