Grumpy gross snow day

It’s disgusting outside right now.

Mere Anarchy 

With all the ways and means we have to communicate
-- text, Google docs, f2f, IMs, class discussion, email, etc --
why do you ask me the same questions, 6 or 8
times a semester? The answer appears quadriplicate:

on the syllabus, in an email, on the freaking sign up,
in a calendar invite. I’m dizzy just reviewing it, losing
track, spinning, disintegrating, madly bringing up the
schedules, links, documents, assignments, shit!

How many times will you make me clean your electronic 
rooms? It’s right there, I bet, the info you just demanded, 
offered over a week ago, see? Lurking under ads for bionic
AI, pizza, appeals from politicians -- I’m offended

by the implication I don’t know what I’m doing. Can’t
you pay attention? Why should I be your mind and mine?
Meanwhile, my inbox explodes with redundant asks
for the same information I’ve already offloaded 4 times

into the ether. What else is the internet for? I need, like
you, to drain my brain. It’s outdated, overloaded, exploding 
into pixels and lithium fireworks. So don’t ask me to reload.
Read your email for a change. And write your own life.