April again …

It’s that time of the year again — time to think about poetry, about writing poetry, and then time to stop thinking and start doing.

Once again, I plan to write a poem a day. In the effort to keep myself from wandering off into the late fifties weeds, I’m probably going to come up with an overarching structure to my challenge. Since I think that poetry is a conversation with the world (at least one small part of it for each poem), and with other poets, poems, writers, novels, characters, artists, art works, musicians, songs, pundits, politicians, fake news, speeches, watchers, listeners, readers, doers, etcetera, I plan — at this moment — to write each of my poems in response to someone or something, beginning with poems.

Just to spice things up, I’m going to include a photo with each post and a suggested soundtrack.

Wow. I’ve just larded up my self assignment with crunchy details.

Suggested soundtrack: Vampire Weekend, “Oxford Comma”