Is it possible to be so freaked out that you’re bored?

I think I might be overloaded with fear for the future, so much so that I’ve lost the ability to really care.

surely some revelation is at hand

so many signs -- near total eclipses
60 degree days in February tree buds

popping loose in March daffodils breaking
through stone doors flying from planes

while passengers go batshit in the aisles
earthquakes in new jersey bombs falling

on hospitals shooters rampant in every
public space dictators’ flags flapping

over suburban homes female family
annihilators throwing their children

onto freeways insistent even aggressive
birdsong a constant soundtrack --

i find myself suspended inside a bubble
of ominous quiet like the eye of a hurricane

ears ringing in the sudden stop heartbeat
a ticking clock something massive is surely

coming welling up in the silence gathering
impossible force almost ready to explode