Day 13

Challenge: Write a letter to someone you don’t know

Dear God,

I’m not sure what to call you, or if you’re
even around (in the human sense) to answer.
You’re certainly not in charge of anything anymore,
so I’m wasting my time asking for help. It’d be faster

to dial up one of our corrupt politicians, and pray
for divine dispensation, or better yet to buy some
indulgence. Now that I’m here, I’m dumb, I can’t say
my mind, find words, make sense, can’t come to

any purpose. I feel empty. I feel naked and ashamed. 
I thought You said you were Love . . . No, some man
wrote that thousands of years ago. You’re not to blame
for human emotions, disaster, devolution. But if You can,

smite us with righteous compassion. Hail on our hate
parades. Kill us with kindness before it’s too late.