Day 19

Challenge: Open a nearby book to page 45. Find the 3rd complete sentence. Type it out and see where it takes you.

“I grabbed my robe from the back of the door and shrugged it on as I walked to the main desk.” Feed, Mira Grant, p. 45.

Disclaimer: This is a persona poem. The opinions expressed bear no actual resemblance to the author’s experience.

The Escape

I grabbed my robe from the back of the door
while you were sleeping.

While you were sleeping, I shrugged it on,
naked, and walked to the main desk.

Naked under the robe, I walked to the main desk, 
where a nurse typed secrets into a computer.

A nurse typed secrets into a computer but I was
a secret she couldn’t read -- naked,

a secret she couldn’t read, I slipped past
robed only in hospital green,

robed only in darkness, I disappeared
into the healing night ...

into the healing night while you slept on,
dear husband, in the antiseptic room,

dear husband lost to antiseptic dreams
of perfect waiting wives,

perfect waiting wives, obedient, blank,
waiting to be erased  . . .

waiting, obedient, for your electric erasure,
not naked and running, wild --

not naked and running now, wild and free
into the healing night!