Day 23

Challenge: Make 2 lists — 10 things you hate and 10 things you crave. Then mix them all up in a poem.

Declaration of Independence

Like cigarette butts tossed out of car windows, laughter’s release 
will set us free, free to wave our confederate flags over summer’s 

bright territory, signaling to all those patriarchal gits we love so 
much to dress in their very best, to invest in funky new hair cuts --

because, my friends, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED, no, it’s our time 
to blaze, to say you can’t look away from our brilliance as we 

quaff ambrosiadillas by the shining river, roll naked in the grass, mad,  
baring our chicken livers to a holy sun, massaging the piriformis pain 

from our collective asses with its golden fingers, melting us into 
glorious show holes and happy endings, knitting us together 

into sanctified sand and gentle breeze and waves of love that rise up 
to drown April’s bone eating cold in daffodils and lilies -- I tell you 

we will surf capitalism’s fickle internet as long as it takes to spend
all our time with sacred children; we will play phone games 

in “democracy”’s wall to wall construction traffic; we will lick ice
cream in the endless burgermeister meetings our enemies have

designed to suck our very souls from our tired asses -- we will devour
this their corporate shit and call it chocolate!