Digital Corners

Learning about how to manage your “digital profile” is an ongoing endeavor, and one best launched in youth. At this point of my “becoming,” I’m having trouble remembering where to go and when; even my Google calendar isn’t enough to keep me on track. Now that I’m trying to keep track of all my digital foot- and fingerprints, I feel as if I’m losing track of my limbs.

This website for instance … With a strange shock I remembered, the other day, that I’d built this place. And then forgotten about it. So here it hangs, alone, in the webverse. After a renaissance in Twitter sparked by my January course in Digital Pedagogy, I’ve fallen back into Twitter neglect. It’s hard enough to keep up with the demands of Facebook posts (personal and for Faculty Development). I’m relegated to lurker, and binge reposter.

Is maintaining a digital presence quite like electronic housekeeping? I fear the aptness of the metaphor. Given the grungy corners in my physical and mental houses, I suspect cobwebs will spin and then dangle from this website and Twitter and various other electronic spaces by May, and it will be a cold day in July when I come back with my digital broom.


Like, I can’t get this to go upright. Seems fitting.