Day 12

Challenge: Try terza rima (for added challenge, try to hit iambic pentameter, or more or less 10 syllables per line)

Love Song for Lizzie

As the days slide toward Easter, thick bud thumbs
thrust up from our forgotten flower beds,
the yellow lawns licked clean by waxing sun —

impossible, now, not to leap ahead 
to lazy summer days, hot afternoons,
fleshy maples waving dappled in red

daydreams . . . And how soon, oh sweet Jesus, soon!
I’ll see our girl again, all grown up, near-
ly Mastered, living her best life, not alone

but without us, her empty room here
a reminder of her separate story . . .
Oh, I’m not going to waste any tears on

our new insignificance. It’s glorious just
to know that one April afternoon she
leaped into being, our victorious

January baby, our only E-
piphany, darling daffodil, living
poem, resurrection, our infinite We!