Happy birthday to the best boy/man ever!

This guy loves cheesy cards and making fine cuisine. He’s a kitchen singer, a fish tickler, and a goofball extraordinaire. I am DAMN LUCKY to be hitched to him for life.

And Now for Something Completely Different
Eclipse Birthday Poem for Dave

Nature’s celebrating you today, slipping the moon
in front of the sun, as if to somehow highlight your
inner brilliance. Because you shine, darling, blaze
in my imagination whenever I’m asked to “set an

intention” or figure out all I’m grateful for -- like our
friend Petty sort of sings, I got lucky, babe, when
I finally met you, there on the U of A breezeway, 
third time the charm. True confession: I recognized

your light from the first but refused, twice, to let it
in, suffering my own emotional eclipse, craving 
the pain of inauthenticity and rejection, closing my eyes
against unconditional connection. But here you are,

34 years later -- partner, heart, infinite source of
warmth, love, life -- never any moon between us.