Day 9

Challenge: Write a pantoum about the goddamn weather


It’s Saturday morning, April 9,
and the pinche lawn is glazed again
with motherfucking snow. 
Just looking at this epic shit show

-- la chingada lawn glazed, again --
the blood deserts my fingers.
Looking at this hijo de mierda
makes me want to hurl,

the blood leaves my fingers,
my mamada muscles go into shock,
I want to hurl sunshine and puppies
all over this goddamn bitch.

My muscles go into shock,
my hair turns whiter,
and all over this bitch of a body, 
the snow takes hold.

My pendejo hair freezes,
my veins push ice water,
the puta madre snow attacks me,
my brain swells,

my veins push ice up
my old ass spine
until my fucking brain explodes into
a cocksucking chingadera de nieve --

my aching old ass spine,
apocalypse of April-sucking-snow,
meta-fucking-physical blizzard, retejodida hasta la chingada
snowbound cunt of a Saturday, 

April 9, 2022.